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Speaker: Theresa Albert

Theresa AlbertMedia Commentator, Spokesperson, Host and Food and Health Expert

Theresa is a sought after media commentator and lifestyle pundit.

As a speaker she uses humour and relevance to inspire and inform whether she is emceeing an event or discussing the importance of a personal brand. As a food and health expert she motivates people to become the CEO of their own health. Her social media expertise is in demand within social media as well as corporate circles.

Part social media expert, part PR, part nutritionist...all informative and inspiring.

Topics: Personalities, Hosts and MCs; Lifestyle; Health and Wellness; Social Media; Motivation and Inspiration; Education and Family

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Top Speaking Topics

Make 'em laugh, make it relevant and keep it on time

• Theresa's warmth and humour light up any group from corporate to causes to kids

• As a recognizable TV media face, she brings the current stories of what's going on out there

• Asking questions, and bringing it in on time is a skill that makes every event enjoyable

Be the CEO of your own health. You would never leave a business decision to be made by chance...

• Businesses are run on tough choices and changes but somehow we think our health will take care of itself.

• Learn which choices are key to net the biggest changes.

• Be inspired and informed in simple ways that will change your life

Finding your personal brand. In this world of social media, you only exist if you are visible. Best to manage the image.

• Your personal brand is crucial whether you are promoting yourself for promotion, finding your next employer or promoting your small business.

• Learn the tricks of the social trade and the tools to use.

• Understand how to present yourself in the traditional media to create the image you want.

Child Obesity -
North American Children are the most overweight in the world. That's enough, right?

• What are we doing wrong? s

• What can we learn from the rest of the world?

• The truth about sugar

• Personal, Local, National and Global solution