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Speaker: Sue Seguin

Sue SeguinSue Seguin, B.A., C.G.P., T.L.C., has been engaging and informing audiences for over 20 years, helping people rise to the challenges posed by diabetes, obesity, menopause and food allergies. Sue is a Therapeutic Lifestyle Coach (T.L.C.), Certified Gluten Practitioner (C.G.P.) and a Level II Reiki Practitioner. She graduated from McGill University in Anthropology in 1981 and worked as a Doctor of Homoeopathic Medicine from 2002-2014.

Topics:  Lifestyle; Health and Wellness; Education and Family; Personalities, Hosts and MCs

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Top Speaking Topics

Lifestyle Therapeutics

An informative and inspiring talk on how to change your life to deal successfully with diabetes and obesity, and how to manage many of the associated chronic conditions.

Food Allergy Management

A practical talk on how to make dramatic changes to your diet - and thrive. Drawn from firsthand experience, topics include diagnostics, cross-contamination, travel and recovery strategies. A lively presentation that blends novel ideas, practical solutions and current research.

Women in Transition

A powerful talk about the incredible variety of physical, mental and emotional changes associated with peri-menopause. By learning more about this natural process, you will be able to make informed choices and successfully navigate this important phase of life.

Personalities, Hosts and MCs

Sue is consistently requested to host or act as MC for events where she is known for her quick wit, her improvisational skills and her clear diction. She is a veteran actor with over four decades on stage and on camera.