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Speaker: Graham Dickson

Graham DicksonPresident – Arctic Kingdom Polar Expeditions -

Graham Dickson is the founder of Arctic Kingdom, a Canadian company which has operated throughout the Arctic since 1999 providing services to tourism, film, science and industry. Arctic Kingdom works closely with Inuit complementing their traditional knowledge with extensive coordinated logistics, modern equipment, professional teams and the most modern communications.

Arctic Kingdom has worked with many national broadcasters, natural history and current affairs production companies including: National Geographic, OLN, Discovery, BBC, NDR, Globo, Quatro, TF1, and MBC. Arctic Kingdom managed all of the arctic locations for the recent Disney Nature feature film “Oceans”. Graham is on the Board of Directors of Nunavut Tourism and Nunavut Film.

Topics: Adventure; Change and Innovation; Communication and Technology; Entrepreneurship; Teamwork and Leadership

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