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Speaker: Erica Ehm

Speaker NameErica Ehm, creator/publisher of ,  is one of Canada's most recognized personalities. Chosen to be the first female MuchMusic host, she became the voice of her generation. Since then Ehm has remained in the spotlight as her multi-faceted media career has blossomed in television, radio, film, theater, journalism, songwriting, and music publishing. 

Erica is most well known for her work on television. 

She was the co-creator and host of Yummy Mummy, a parenting show for the music video generation, which aired on Life Network. Other television productions Erica hosted; Nestle Baby and You  on Rogers Television, Popstars - The One- Global, Real Life with Erica Ehm-Life Network, Power Play-Discovery Channel, and The Company -TVO. 

Erica's stage debut was in the Crows Theatre production of Unidentified Human Remains. She played the lead role in the indie feature Jigsaw and had a cameo in Atom Egoyan's feature film Ararat

Since becoming a mother in 2000, Erica has directed some of her energies into her children's world. She was contributing editor for What's Up Kids magazine delving into the world of parenting and literacy. Erica has also written three stage musicals for the family market. After her first play Caillou's Big Party sold out in soft seaters across North America, she was commissioned to write two other shows, The Big Comfy Couch and Caillou's Big Book Club

She is the author of the best-selling book, She Should Talk: Conversations with Exceptional Women about Life, Dreams and Success published by HarperCollins. Encouraging women and young people to follow their dreams is the central re-occurring theme for many of the projects to which Erica Ehm is committed.  

Ehm's talents extend to her songwriting as well. Van Morrison, Tim Thorney, Cassandra Vasik, Lynne Taylor Donovan and Tom Jackson are a few of the artists who have recorded her songs. She has won two Junos, three Country Music Awards and three SOCAN Awards. She also co-wrote the theme song for the animated film and series Pippi Longstocking. Her song Love Me Even More was chosen as the theme for the feature Some Things That Stay. 

Erica's son Joshua, little sister Jessie and husband Terry give her the freedom to have a life that includes being a mom and wife, but also an entrepreneur, girlfriend, avid reader, part-time runner and fulltime multi-tasker . 

Topics: Lifestyle; Motivation and Inspiration; Personalities, Hosts and MCs; Entrepreneurship; Social Media

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