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Speaker: Daniel Thompson

Daniel ThompsonDaniel Thompson began his career as a professional make up artist and paramedical aesthetician in 1993.

In 2003, he founded Thompson Consulting, specializing in product development for spas, plastic surgeons/dermatologists and cosmetic corporations. Daniel's work can be seen at spas and medispas across Canada, in New York, Oslo and Dubai. In 2008 he launched Daniel Thompson Beauty. He is a formulator and designer of make up and skin care, educator, writer and consumer advocate.

Daniel currently serves as a faculty member at Humber College. Daniel was the creator and host of The One Minute Make Over, which was broadcast across Canada on the Standard Radio Network. He is also a contributing writer for City Style and Living Magazine and the online author of Beauty: Busted! for Beauty: BUSTED! is read by over 45, 000 women across Canada and the United States. It is a consumer advocacy blog designed to help navigate the world of cosmetics. part reviews, part myth busting, part how-to and all in easy to understand terms.

Daniel is a trusted media resource, and has appeared in: The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, The Financial Post, Lou Lou, Flare, Fashion,Hello, Holt Renfrew Trend Report, Wish, Elevate,Best Health.

He has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, CityLine, Breakfast Television.

Topics: Lifestyle; Health and Wellness; Sales and Marketing; Entrepreneurship

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Top Speaking Topics

Beauty Busted: The Myths Sold by the Beauty Industry A critical examination of how cosmetics promote products to encourage excessive purchasing. The top five myths: More Money Means Better Quality You Need an Eye Cream Miracle Ingredients SPF in a Moisturizer is Enough Skincare for Different Ages

Beauty Busted: Cosmetics Marketing A critical examination of marketing claims made by the cosmetics industry. Breaking down the following: Hypoallergenic Dermatologist Tested Patented Technology Clinical Testing Organic vs. Nonorganic

Beauty Busted: The Two Minute Makeup. A how to on the best and fastest way to use makeup as a professional accessory and how to achieve a professional application in two minutes every morning.


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