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Speaker: Alvin Law

Barry KennedyAlvin Law is a master storyteller.  His sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but always honest observations about the human experience connects him with his audience in a unique way.  His audience feels both the pain and elation that all human beings experience regardless of the circumstances of their birth and he challenges people to reconsider the excuses they make in their daily lives. 

Unofficially, Alvin started his speaking career as a young child when he was encouraged by his parents to explain to others “what happened to you?”. To say Alvin Law is disabled wouldn’t offend him or be inaccurate; after all he was born without arms due to the infamous morning sickness drug, Thalidomide.  But now, he is most often described as “amazing”, as opposed to “disabled”. Alvin started his formal career in 1981 when he began speaking at schools and other organizations throughout Canada. Today Alvin is a highly sought-after inspirational speaker and travels throughout Canada, the US and around the world.       

Alvin’s message is universal and transcends all the usual “motivational clichés”.  His story is not industry specific and applies to everyone and anyone regardless of age, culture, position in society or role in the world.  Alvin is truly a bridge-builder. 

Alvin was born in 1960. His personal mission to “change the system from within” reflects a general societal shift toward greater openness to differences. His insight from living through such a dynamic period  has  made him one of the foremost experts on adaptation, change, diversity and perspective. Alvin’s story is impossible to forget but not simply because of his difference; but rather as one audience member described: “Alvin is us!”

Alvin’s presentation is more accurately described as a multi-dimensional performance than a speech. He has extracted lessons from his remarkable life of being born without arms and he applies unique insight to common workplace challenges.  Alvin has developed a series of proven strategies for enhancing and sustaining employee productivity and job satisfaction on both an individual and corporate level.  Audiences learn how to apply these time-tested techniques to ignite their own vision and execute strategies to enhance overall job performance as well as increase personal satisfaction.   

Corporations look to Alvin to motivate their employees to achieve new and higher levels of commitment to their jobs, their communities and their lives.  In the current economic climate our clients have found that receiving Alvin’s message is more important than ever.  Companies are faced with a lack of positivity in the workplace and Alvin’s words and philosophy go a long way to counteract this. Alvin believes; “All professional development starts with personal assessment and taken together, everyone wins!” 

Alvin’s universal message defies the “Handicapped Speaker” categorization.  These perceptions and labels have actually been Alvin’s biggest obstacle.  He was born this way, so his life is completely “normal”…to him! What Alvin has accomplished in the face of such challenges makes him a real life expert in a world full of real-life obstacles.  

The beauty of Alvin’s stories and unique style is it allows him to customize his keynote to any theme.  Alvin works closely with the event organizers to personalize his presentation to match the goals of the event.  But be prepared – Alvin’s message touches everyone differently.  It becomes so personal it changes from Alvin’s story to your story and becomes the message you need to hear right now.  Inevitably it reaches into your heart and soul and stays with you for the rest of your life.  People from up to 30 years ago, deliberately approach Alvin, remembering his name and recounting their experience with his program. They always mention the drums, which is the major reason he still plays one in his show. Indeed the image of Alvin playing the drums and the piano with his feet becomes a touchstone that will inspire you again and again.

Topics: Motivation and Inspiration; Health and Wellness; Diversity

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Top Speaking Topics

There’s No Such Word As Can’t:    (40-60 min.) 

Alvin’s parents used this phrase to in his childhood to encourage a belief system, one that is timeless.  This talk is one that has been used with youth for over 30 years.  This is also a typical keynote that fits very well in opening or closing slots of conventions or professional development events.   

Optional Titles:     Making Choices, Not Excuses;    When Amazing Is Your Normal 


Alvin’s Laws of Life: 5 Steps to Successfully Overcome Anything!:   (60–120 min)

Also the title of his first book, this is Alvin’s longer training-oriented program that works very well as an element of a one-day event.  He can also extend this program to include a Q & A session for more direct interaction with a group.  It can also be a stand-alone workshop that follows a shorter keynote.  Alvin’s Laws are the five elements he believes provided his roadmap to a successful life and can be used by anyone to overcome anything.  Alvin’s Laws are: Attitude, Learning, Value Your Life & Spirit, Imagination, and Never Give Up which conveniently spell “ALVIN”.     


Safety Counts Because Everybody Counts   (60–120 min.)

Alvin is not a ”safety” expert but he believes that Attitude Is A Culture!  The foundation of  ``Safety In The Workplace`` is Attitude and companies are facing increased pressure to raise safety standards.  But let’s be very blunt; many consider safety at work as ``wimpy`` and a ``waste of time``.  Alvin grew up in a blue collar home and his father was a heavy duty mechanic for 57 years so he gets the safety culture from a personal place and even though some things have changed, many stay the same so that’s where Alvin’s approach comes in.  He has a way of breaking down the barriers many ``old-school`` workers possess. Although Alvin did not lose his arms as the result of an injury,  the stark imagery of a person without arms provides a reminder to everyone that life is not bullet-proof, it is fragile and it is valuable.