Renowned Pediatrics Pain Specialist Dr. Christine Chambers using social media to reach parents.

Dr. Christine Chambers joins Right Channel Speakers with her extensive work in children’s pain….below is a paragraph from the June 27, 2016 New York Times article.  Dr. Chambers partnered with Erica Ehm on the #itdoesnthavetohurt social media campaign.

“That vaccination at age 5 might not seem like a big deal to you, but if it goes wrong and causes a lot of pain, then the child becomes fearful, and the parent might not take them back for subsequent vaccinations,” Dr. Chambers said. “The child may then escalate a response when they require blood work for some other condition, and then they will get pinned down,” which can perpetuate a cycle of fear and pain over medical care.”

Read the full article here…

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Frank O’Dea inspires…

This is what Big Brothers in Regina had to say about speaker Frank O’Dea…

Big Brothers Regina

To be straight up, Frank far exceeded my expectations. From a fundraising vantage point, the goal was 60K, and we crossed that threshold, so I am very pleased. From a messaging vantage point, I knew it would be powerful, but in the same breath I wasn’t expecting it to be as impactful as it ended up being. He had the attention of the room the moment he started speaking and by the time he was finished, the energy in the room was amazing, and many even commented that it wasn’t fitting for the night to just be over…  I think he got people really motivated… myself included.

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Recent Events

Well it has been quite some time since I posted on this site. I’m afraid life just happens sometimes. Having said that we’ve had a great start to 2016. In February speaker Linda Reader was a featured speaker at the 3rd Annual Food Tourism Summit in Halton Region. This was a return engagement for Linda…this year speaking about what she learned about tourism from The Butter Tart Trail...which she created in 2007. Along with Linda we had Brent Preston, owner of The New Farm...a totally organic certified farm in Creemore, Ontario. Brent spoke on how to take your farm from sustainability to profitability. Both speakers were well received by the audience…and we look forward to participating at next year’s summit.

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Eric Novak is Enviro Dad

Right Channel Speakers is thrilled to welcome Eric Novak to its roster. Eric has an extensive background in media, marketing and communications. In addition to these areas Eric is passionate about the environment and has been trained by both Al Gore and Dr. David Suzuki. Visit Eric’s page for his complete bio.

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Veronica Tennant… latest news

It was lovely to run into Right Channel Speaker Veronica Tennant recently at a theatre event. A very busy filmmaker, Veronica has just wrapped two short films for Canada’s Walk of Fame celebrations. Mordecai Richler is the subject of the first film and from one Canadian icon to another, is narrated by Christopher Plummer. The second film is on Canada’s first female astronaut, Roberta Bondar with narration by the Oscar king himself, James Cameron. Both these films will be part of Canada’s Walk of Fame special broadcast airing Sunday, October 23, 2011 on Global TV.

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Cheryl on CNN Int’l

As promised, here is the link to speaker Cheryl Perera’s participation on a roundtable discussion on human slavery on CNN International. The three young activists talked about their efforts to bring awareness and in turn stop global human trafficking. Great job Cheryl!

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Erica Ehm

I was thrilled to be in the audience Thursday at The Nielsen Company’s 360 Conference. Erica had the marketers in the palm of her hand as she talked about how to reach out to moms…when developing their future marketing strategies. Excellent presentation!

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Terry Jones

Our speaker Terry Jones will be in Colorado Springs on Thursday to speak at a gathering of executives.

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CNN Interview

Recently CNN International came calling to set-up a panel discussion on child slavery…and it was Right Channel Speakers’ Cheryl Perera who they wanted to participate. There were two other participants on the panel, one in Colorado and one in Washington…the air date will be in a week or two…I will blog the actual day and time when I know. Go Cheryl!

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35 Speaker Tips

What a valuable Tweet by Un-Marketer Scott Stratten his speakers 35 tips to speakers. Great information for anyone in business.

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